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Used Adobe Acrobat XI Standard Software

Our site offers pre-owned Adobe products not supported currently and unavailable for download on the official site. Although the company has decided to concentrate on newer products, certain users still need such software for many reasons. They may range from compatibility to habit.

Of course, the main reason why used Adobe software remains a subject of keen demand is its lower price. And is the exact place to get an all-equipped Adobe program, in the preactivated status and with a necessary license, for a very attractive price.

When Adobe PDF editor is on your mind, buying an older version with a complete set of functions may be more reasonable than purchasing the latest version with great but a little excessive tools. In this review, we will observe the key options of Adobe Acrobat XI Standard and explain why it is beneficial to buy it on our site.

Functions of Adobe Acrobat XI Standard

When needing a reliable PDF editor with all the basic features for e working with documents, opt for Adobe Acrobat XI. Its standard version might be enough for routine tasks. Thus, the program allows creating PDF files through Microsoft Office and similar programs and using the printing option within the Adobe Acrobat software. You can scan your papers into PDF files and make them in your web browser - a necessary Internet page can be turned into a PDF file and saved on your computer.

There are numerous tools for editing them at your disposal. Besides text editing, you can supply your document with various extras, from a link to a certain site to 3D elements. It is easy to export your files to Microsoft Office or specific content to another file. You can search, add, remove, or move pages within your PDF document. A group of pages may be organized into one PDF file, as well as one PDF file can be split into separate PDF files. The program’s features include bookmarks, comments, and annotations. There’s the stamping option with the ability to create stamps, too.

Main Benefits of the Software

Cheap Adobe software like Adobe Acrobat XI Standard does not cost little because it is obsolete. Instead, this might be the very program you need to organize your documents well. Its key advantages include:

  • a smooth interface;

  • seamless integration with most common office programs;

  • strong navigation tools;

  • the OCR function;

  • backgrounds and watermarks supported;

  • convenient conversion instruments;

  • the ability to attach all sorts of content to your PDF file;

  • powerful tools for editing and reformatting your documents;

  • tools for creating and editing portfolios.

When you buy used Adobe software like Adobe Acrobat XI Standard on our site, be sure to get the full version of the product, with all options included.

Why Purchase Adobe Acrobat XI Standard from Us

Searching for second-hand Adobe Acrobat XI Standard, with a license and fully packaged? You are on the right site! We put up various used Adobe software for sale. The advantages of purchasing used products on our site are not limited to agreeable prices or discount offers. We offer professional support and can help you download, install, activate, and replace the software on another device, and we are ready to render other services 24/7.
But the main benefit you should pay attention to is that you become a legal owner of your copy of Adobe Acrobat XI Standard. As soon as you pay for the item, we send you an email with the product key. If you cannot use your old computer anymore and need to transfer your workspace to another one, you’ll be able to use the software there. Our support team is ready to assist if you have a reinstallation problem.

One more important option available on our site is that we offer to buy cheap Adobe software with lifetime licenses. Such a license guarantees you endless access to your targeted product without subscribing.


  • 1.3GHz or faster processor
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 3 for 32 bit or Service Pack 2 for 64 bit; Windows Server® 2003 R2 (32 bit and 64 bit); Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 (32 bit and 64 bit); Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit); or Windows 8 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • 512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)
  • 1.85GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, or 10; Firefox Extended Support Release; or Chrome
  • Video hardware acceleration (optional)
  • Note: For 64-bit versions of Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows XP (with Service Pack 2), Microsoft Update KB930627 is required.


  • Intel® processor
  • Mac OS X v10.6.8, v10.7.4, or v10.8
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 1.5GB of available hard-disk space
  • 1024x768 screen resolution
  • Safari 5.1 for Mac OS X v10.6.8; Safari 5.2 or 6 for Mac OS X v10.7.4 or v10.8

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PDF reader, converter and editor

Adobe Acrobat DC is exactly what you need to enhance your business experience since it allows you to create, edit, and convert PDF files into other formats.


The main upside of Adobe Acrobat is the ability to transform documents from varying formats into PDF. The tool is very powerful and is composed of great features that allow users to create and edit PDFs with ease. I like the ability to fill out forms using the software which eliminates the traditional strategies of printing, filing and scanning documents. It also allows the exporting of documents to other formats


Adobe Acrobat DC is limited by the fact that first-time users have to learn how to use the software. It is difficult to understand what some of the tools represent and do. Navigating through the interface can also be tiring.

Issac z - 2022-08-05

An excellent platform to access PDF documents in the cloud

Adobe ACrobat DC is a simple and easy-to-use platform that helps you access PDF documents in the cloud to edit and manage them at your convenience in a simple way. It is a tool worth trying.


The best thing about Adobe Acrobat Reader is the flexibility it has to edit PDF documents, which allows me to not only change words, fonts and size but also can highlight what I consider important, just like in a processor like Word but with more control, also allows me to modify the horizontal scale and the spacing between characters with ease.


The only thing I do not like Acrobat Reader is that it does not allow me to easily hide the notes or highlights that we have made in a PDF, since sometimes my work team wants to hide the comments of several people but I cannot do that completely, I have to select them individually.

Fred B - 2019-10-09

A powerful PDF reader/editor

Integrating the Adobe DC with Chrome can help you create PDF files right away from each website. In addition, you can use Adobe creative cloud to store all your files in the cloud storage provided by Adobe.


I like Adobe PDF since I can do everything with it from reading PDF files in any format I like, as well as editing merging editing, highlighting, annotating on the PDF files and etc. This is a really powerful software. It let you make anything you need in your PDF files. For example you can make calendar selection in PDF file, or a drop down list. You can also put inserting image, printing button and etc. Most interestingly you can use coding to put conditional codes in your PDF file.


What I dislike about Adobe PDF is that it takes a lot of space and RAM. I assume Adobe PDF is about 1 GB or so compared to other PDF readers like Foxit, it uses much more RAM and space. While it is open, the computer slows down a little.

Arash S - 2019-08-14